Eco-Marathon 2012 Eco-Marathon 2012 Kenneth Smith and Fiat at the Eco 153044240 Ed Holton (R) and Kenneth Smith (L) Ed was helpful in the restoration of the Fiat. Thank you Ed. 153257379 Jody Holton with Fiat Jody, Ed and my son Michael were the pit crew that helped assist in the showing of the Fiat. Thank you to each of you. 153257884 Fiat display at the Eco-Marathon 153044068 Fiat display at the Eco-Marathon Fiat and my son Michael at the Eco 153044069 Fiat at Eco-Marathon 153042492 Rear of Fiat at the Eco-Marathon 153254990 Granite Falls Eco car and Team 153042490 Granite Falls Eco car and Team 153042491 Kenneth Smith and David Duxbury Dave(in green) worked at Shell's Westhollow Research Center in Houston Texas when the Mileage cars were being stored in Houston. Dave shared stories about the cars. Dave actually got to push them around in storage. Thank you Dave. Great meeting you. 153254989 Dr. Harry Richards Dr. Richards also worked Westhollow in Houston Texas. Dr. Richards told stories of the "Team (Carlson and Trokey)" and of his grand accomplishments at Westhollow. Dr. Richards' eyes lit up when he saw the Fiat. This car must have given great memories while in Westhollow. Thank you for the stories and great meeting you too. 153254992 Story time Dr Richards is filling our ears with great stories of Mileage cars and the "Team (Carlson and Trokey)". Left- my son Michael Smith, Ed Holton with back to camera and myself in rear of picture. 153254991 Lisi's son in the Fiat 153254993 Lisi's son in Fiat 153254994